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Company of the month: Nordic Biomarker

karolinaWritten juni 13th, 2013 by karolina

This month we have chosen to highlight a company operating in the Life Science sector in Umeå. The company has become successful on a global market in a short time after starting operations. Read more!

Nordic Biomarker is an OEM supplier of specialty hemostasis reagents, that are used to diagnose bleeding disorders. In a welfare society where the occurrence of blood clots gets more common and people’s access to health care continues to grow, Nordic Biomarker’s products meet a growing demand.

The company was founded in 2007. Already in 2010 did Nordic Biomarker recieve it’s first million order and the production was scaled up. The production continued to increase and Nordic Biomarker went from being two people employed with a turnover of 4 MSEK in 2008 to a workforce of 8 and a turnover of 17 MSEK in 2012.

Nordic Biomarker is an owner-managed company characterized by short decision times and high effectiveness. They are known for close and uncomplicated relations with their customers. Today the main customers of the company are small and middle sized actors that sell and provide instruments for coagulation diagnostics. Instruments are most often delivered with a set of reagents, either for routine tests or speciality tests that the instrument producers need to buy.  Nordic Biomarker delivers mainly speciality tests and this is where they see their large opportunity. The company has had a good timing with their products and thanks to the fact that they have solved complex matters in production they have been given an advantage over some larger producers who have not yet solved all required steps of production.

Nordic Biomarker’s mission is to become the leading independent supplier of specialty hemostasis reagents. The company just recieved financing from a research project by Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency. The financing will be used for technology improvements and to develop a new product that the market expressed a need for.

1. What makes Västerbotten and North Sweden a good place to run your company?

- We find the closeness to Umeå University very valuable and we benefit from that. Except for that, the city of Umeå is of good size, with easy access to people and good communications. It is easy to cooperate in northern Sweden since people help each other and are sincere.

2. What makes your company’s product or services unique?

- We offer quality and delivery on time. Since we are independent from the large actors we can deliver on time and our products are available to many customers. Our product in it self is not totally unique, but our independence which creates great benefits is unique. In addition, we customize our service based on each customer’s needs.

3. What is the vision of your company? Where are you in five years time?

- Our vision is to be the leading independent manufacturer of specialty hemostasis reagents globally. Nordic Biomarker will probably produce and sell all three of the existing products in five years time, but there might be some additional products in the assortment by then. We believe in a bright future for Nordic Biomarker, our market is constantly growing.

For more information, please visit Nordic Biomarker’s webpage:

Or contact:
Gunnar Pohl, CEO / Director of Marketing
Phone: +46 – (0)90 71 86 01
E-mail: marketing@nordicbiomarker.com

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