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Company of the Month: Resize Design

karolinaWritten oktober 3rd, 2013 by karolina

This months company that we wish to highlight is a good example of a company here in the North that one could say represent two of the business sectors where the region is especially strong. That is both the creative industry and the wood sector. Resize Design will be one of the companies accomponing VIA to Oslo 16th- 20th October to exhibit in the Northern Sweden pavilion. Presenting Resize Design!

Resize Design is a young company,  founded in 2010 by Viktor Lindbäck. Later, Madeleine Stenslid joined the company as a partner and Communications Strategist. Three years later there are four people on board and the company is starting to aim for not only Europe as market, but also the States and the rest of the world. Resize Design works to deliver unique urban design that combines quality, durability and an environmental friendly thinking. The furniture is unique, flexible, and the first collection, named Stockhom Line, leaves no marks when being removed. Resize Design’s products are produced in Northern Sweden by local carpentry companies such as Snickericentralen.

What makes Västerbotten and North Sweden a good place to run your company?

”I would describe Northern Sweden as a place where people are dedicated their work. There is a large will of cooperation and finding good solutions for problems is a central part of the way to work. It’s straight forward to connect people and companies to each other, making it easier to make decisions and develop the business. Since the business society in the North is made up of many smaller companies I find that working here is more agile. It is easier to create customized solutions and thus create even better products for the customers.”

What makes your company’s product or services unique?

”The uniqueness of our products include the design and shaping. We produce airy shelves that are easy to adapt to different needs and wishes. Our products are also an exciting mix of different materials, thanks to our skilled subcontractors in Northern Sweden.”

What is the vision of your company? Where are you in five years time?

Resize Design hope to be working even more globally in five years time. The product line will have increased with more products with the same smart concept. The vision is also to maintain the production of Resize Design’s unique products in the Northern parts of Sweden.

For more information, please visit Resize Design’s webpage:

Or contact:
Viktor Lindbäck, CEO & Design Manager
Phone: +4670 207 48 28
E-mail: viktor.lindback@resizedesign.se

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