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Company of the Month: Rail Test Nordic

karolinaWritten november 29th, 2013 by karolina

Northern Sweden is strong in automotive winter testing and there is a great knowledge and experience from this area in the region. The testing operations within the region are now starting to comprise other vehicles, such as aircraft and railbound traffic, as the region holds perfect conditions for testing these vehicles too. Rail Test Nordic is this month’s Company of the month, building up a unique testing facility that catches the attention of several global train manufacturers.

Problems with trains being delayed due to consequences of weather and a need from buyers and operators for verification and certification of trains, in combination with the existence of a closed down cross- country rail line, brought the idea of a full scale test facility in the northern parts of Sweden. Located between the towns Arvidsjaur and Jörn, in a region where most of the large car manufacturers do their winter testing, the facility is now starting to take shape.

Rail Test Nordic developes a facility that is to become a complete real world test facility for different forms of railway equipment, trains and technical development of track, infrastructure and high voltage equipment. The track can be sectioned- off from other traffic and will be used exclusively as a test track. A length of 75 km one way, with loops at both ends and a 32 km high- speed section makes testing efficient.

Rail Test Nordic is now persuing a pre- study together with Bombardier to set the conditions right for the facility. When the study is done, the company will move from the strategic phase to become a sharp executing operation, constructing and running the unique test activity facility.

What makes Västerbotten and North Sweden a good place to run your company?

The conditions of climate, knowledge and infrastructure that exists here. When you have a good product or service a location in the northern parts of Sweden does not matter for customers in for example south of Europe. The location is actually what makes Rail Test Nordic a great success.

What makes your company’s product or services unique?

The facility doesn’t exist elsewhere, it will be totally unique and fully adapted to meet the needs of the industry. Again, the conditions in the region, with climate, knowledge and a 75 km long track without other traffic makes the testing facility one of a kind.

What is the vision of your company? Where are you in five years time?

The goal is that the facility will be up and running by 2017. The prestudy, being done in cooperation with Bombardier, will be finished in February 2014. After that, additional steps of financing and construction completion will start. In five years time from now, Rail Test Nordic’s operations will comprise between 40 and 50 full time employees. The company will have an estimated turn- over of 50 to 100 million SEK annually. And probably- the facility will be hosting some of the world’s leading train manufacturers.

In addition, Rail Test Nordic have an intention of creating not only a fully equipped test facility for railbound traffic, but to accomplish a complete competence center in the area of rail bound vehicles climate testing.

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Lars-Åke Tjernström, CEO Rail Test Nordic
Phone: +46 70-651 94 06
E-mail: larsa@mclead.se

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