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Company of the Month: Cartesia

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In the interior parts of northern Sweden in the region of Västerbotten there is a town called Lycksele. A rare business cluster has developed in the town and it all started in 1995 with the founding of one company, Cartesia. Today Cartesia is market leaders in Sweden on geographic IT and still operating from it’s original base in Lycksele with offices in Gävle, Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Cartesia started as a spin-off company from the National Land Survey digital maps by some of the most renowned names in GIS Sweden John-Erik Haraldsson, Krister Edskär, Lennart Nilsson, Ulf Karlsson and Marianne Haraldsson. Since 2003 Cartesia is part of the AddNode group with a total turnover over 1 billion SEK.

The business concept is to offer information for strategic and tactical decisions to their clients; the motto is “better decisions by knowing where.” The map itself adds value as it visualizes and provides better tools for analysis and decision.



Their clients are primarily found in the following sectors

  • Municipalities and public organizations
  • Wood industry
  • Transport and road maintenance
  • Manufacturing industry and ware housing
  • Telecommunications
  • Aviation and space technology
  • Retail, estate and market


What makes Västerbotten and North Sweden a good place to run your company?

Operating from Västerbotten means that we are close to our customers, to the forest industry, to the mining industry and close to the economic growth. Another thing is that the culture in the region is a big asset and influences the culture in the company.

What makes your company’s product or services unique?

The company’s main foundation is innovation and the innovativeness in the company is enormous. All Cartesia’s products are customer developed and are always based on real operations and needs. The products are unique thanks to Cartesia’s ability to know the business of the customers and thereby create products that help customers to easier make decisions and to be more efficient with resources; both time, money, environment etc. Cartesia is nown to have a more ”familial” touch in the business compared to other suppliers. The down to earth feel pervades everything in the company.

What is the vision of your company? Where are you in five years’ time?

Cartesia plans to be twice as big in five years’ time. The company will continue to work hard on the industrial side to get more players to use GIS systems to optimize processes and sustainability. The goal is that Cartesia will be established in all the Nordic countries, but that the products have reached many countries on the international market. Except for numbers, markets and niches, Cartesia has the vision of being and continuing to be, builders of the new society.

For more information, please visit:


Or contact:

Anders Haraldsson, Marketing Manager
Phone: +46 950-120 30
E-mail: anders.haraldsson@cartesia.se


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