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Looking for a life style change? Want to own your own fishing center in Lapland?

ingerWritten januari 23rd, 2014 by inger

Västerbotten offers a large number of investment opportunities, not just large scale investments but also smaller scale investments for those searching for small-medium sized companies.

If you wish to change your life, maybe leave the big city bustle and embrace another way of life closer to nature and have time to spend with your family you should consider re-locating to Västerbotten. There are numerous expats, primarily from Germany, The Netherlands and the UK, living in Västerbotten and many of them have bought companies in the tourism/hospitality industry.

One current example looking for a new owner is the FishingCenter in Saxnäs

Fishing in North Sweden

Description of the company

“The area of Saxnäs / Kultsjödalen offers the visiting angler a multitude of chances to catch brown trout, arctic char and grayling in rivers and lakes. The vast fishing area covers both woodland and high alpine waters. The FishingCenter in Saxnäs offers self-catering accommodation, hotel & hostel accommodation, restaurant, tackle shop, fishing guides, fishing permits & tourist information.”

Västerbotten Investment Agency is not responsible for the selling process. We recommend you to contact the business owner directly. If you are looking for another type of company you can contact the business negotiators in Västerbotten


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