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A construction boom awaits Borgafjäll

september 30th, 2014

Borgafjäll expects to grow fast. Yesterday there were not just one, but two detail plans for future construction in the mountain village adopted, according to Folkbladet.

- There are those who want to start to build right away, says Municipal Commissioner Greger Lindqvist.

One of the detail plans is the municipality’s own plan, where ten houses, two apartment buildings, child care and school, and a building for commercial and automotive service are included.

The other detail plan for constructions in the town was for Hotell Borgafjäll & Spa. There, the owners are planning to expand. The plan includes 16 new apartments, three new villas and sales of eleven existing apartments. The new buildings will be designed by Thomas Sandell, inspired by Ralph Erskine, who designed the hotel itself.

Hotell Borgafjäll & Spa is located in South Lapland in the Dorotea Municipality.

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