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Recent personnel changes in our organisation

september 10th, 2014

This summer we have hired two new persons and we are delighted to welcome Santosh Hejmadi and Ylva Utterström as new employees in our team!

Santosh is our new Investment Promotion Manager and contact person for Creative Industries, Tourism and GIS. Santosh has a long experience from sales and marketing, especially from the tourism and creative sectors. Originally from India he has spent most of his career in Dubai working for both government and private companies. He has also worked as a consultant to the World Bank in projects in various parts of the world. Santosh is replacing Inger E. Pedersen, who was our contact person for Creative Industries, Tourism and GIS before. Inger moves on to a new position in our neighbouring, and we are confident that she will do a great job there as well.

Ylva is our new Marketing Coordinator and she manages and develops our communication. She is a graduate from Umeå University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media studies. Ylva has worked in Germany for one and a half years in an internet based auction business. She has also worked as a communicator at Umeå municpality in their recreational department.

This is our current staff. All dressed up and happy to assist you!

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