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Umeå fourth in Sweden as The Business Municipality of the year

september 30th, 2014


Årets företagarkommun (meaning The Business Municipality of the year) is a joint report from the industry association Företagarna and the credit information company UC. The aim is to draw attention to the municipalities where the businesses results have grown most during the past year. Umeå municipality is a real rocket advancing from 76th year 2013 to 4th this year. Umeå municipality also comes in first place in Västerbotten.

Umeå municipality

In three of the survey’s four categories sales, results, net change in the number of corporations and credit worthiness, Umeå is ranked among the top 30 in Sweden. The best rank for Umeå is in corporate profitability where Umeå had the 19th best growth in the country.

53% of Umeå municipality’s corporations show increased sales at the same time as the avarage sales has incresead by 2% compared to last year. In 53% of Umeå municipality’s corporations the result is increasing. The avarage result is increasing by nearly USD 23 464. At the end of 2013 there were 4 215 corporations in the municipality, an increase by 6 %. 60% of the municipality’s corporations have an increased credit worthiness.

Umeå has a population of 118 349 inhabitans, 59 116 eomployees and 2 953 entrepreneurs. In terms of sales the largest limited companies in Umeå are AB Bostaden Umeå, Umeå Energi AB and Traktören i Umeå AB. This refers to the companies whose financial statements the survey have access to.

Västerbotten scores reasonably well as a province with a rank as 9th of 21 provinces.

About the survey

To determine which municipality in Sweden where the business development has grown most, UC and Företagarna audit the financial accounts from 2013 and also compare it with growth for 2012.

Read the full report in swedish here.

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