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Västerbotten second on the list of the most dense gazelle provinces in Sweden

september 29th, 2014

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Di.se, the largest business newspaper in the Nordics, defines the fastest growing companies in the country as Gazelles. They are recognised because they have shown outstanding growth over a period of three years. These Gazelles play an important roll as job creators in the Swedish economy.

On the list of the top ten most dense gazelle provinces in Sweden, Västerbotten comes in second place, succeeded only by Stockholm. Västerbotten has 11,1 gazelle companies per 100 000 inhabitans. Stockholm has 14,5. Our neighboring province in the north, Norrbotten, also scored well being ranked as the fifth province with 9,6 gazelle companies per 100 000 inhabitans, according to di.se.

Between 2010-2013, the Gazelles have created 20.358 new jobs and in total they together have accounted for 215.00 new jobs. Until now, 9.386 companies have passed the requirements of growth, sound finances and profits in Sweden.

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