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Northern Sweden shows strong growth in construction investments

oktober 28th, 2014

This year, the construction activity is expected to increase in all Swedish provinces except in four. Västerbotten (+12%) and Norrbotten (+12%) in Northern Sweden along with Örebro (+15%) in Central Sweden will see the highest growth in construction activities in the country, according to a new economic forecast from the Swedish Construction Federation.

The forecast shows that the increase of construction activity also will continue in 2015 in Västerbotten (+7%). In 2013, 972 million USD where invested in construction activities in Västerbotten.

An improved consumption growth in Sweden gives the construction industry a major boost. Private housing investment rises throughout the forecast period 2014-2015 thanks to this years high rate of new construction. The upturn on the construction market is wide and both the private home and commercial investments increase.

The development in the world economy is gradually improving and even Sweden gets some improved growth rate in 2015. The households are the main driver over the forecast period, but also the gross investments contribute.

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