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”The North Botnia Line is coming. Now!”

oktober 5th, 2014

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Sweden’s new Minister for Rural Affairs, Sven-Erik Bucht, now say that Norrbotniabanan (the North Botnia Line) will be built, according to NSD. The statement may have increased hopes for many inhabitants and companies from northen Sweden.

- It is central. Just as important as the current main line was once upon a time. The North Botnia Line is coming. Now!, said Bucht to NSD.

The North Bothnia Line is a new railway between Umeå and Luleå. The 270-km stretch begins where the Bothnia Line ends, and completes the coastal railway along the coast of northern Sweden. The North Bothnia Line will be part of the Barents Link, connecting Europe by joining the Swedish and Finnish rail systems.

Through the North Bothnia Line, the export-intensive industries along the Gulf of Bothnia will have considerably improved transport facilities at their disposal. The North Bothnia Line shortens distances, and increases capacity and speed, reducing transport costs. By shrinking the region through improved infrastructure, a larger market for labour and education is achieved. The system of rapid rail links will allow commuting between the coastal cities and also facilitating transportation between the interior and the coast.

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