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The Swedish Government invests in solar cells

oktober 28th, 2014

During the next four years, the Swedish Government will stimulate investments in solar power by setting aside approximately 55 million USD in installations of solar panels. As a result of this, they hope that prodcution of solar power will increase.

In about ten years, a person who has invested in solar cells to annual consumption, will earn back the investment. Now, at the Provincial Administrative Boards in provinces in northern Sweden, applications are piling up.

Government support scheme

The level of aid is a maximum of 35% of the investment cost. The upper limit of support per PV system is 165 700 USD and the eligible costs may not exceed 5 100 USD plus VAT per installed kilowatt electric peak power. For solar electricity/solar hybrid systems can eligible costs be up to 12 400 USD plus VAT per installed kilowatt electric peak power.

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