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New app from Cartesia to Missing People

november 17th, 2014


Cartesia and Missing People Sweden has signed a multi-year cooperation agreement whereby Missing People Sweden becomes the leader in the planning and monitoring of search efforts with mobile technology from Cartesia.

Through this cooperation, Cartesia offers Missing People Sweden access to the product ProSmart which is a system to plan, manage, quality assure and analyze mobile workforces.

The core of ProSmart is a web-based central for management and analysis, and the mobile apps as the field workers use for reporting and communication. Shortly, potentially thousands of seekers can be equipped with mapping and positioning systems in their smart phones.

- We are extremely proud and excited to cooperate with Missing People Sweden. Getting the chance to support and develop such a major social achievement is in line with our mission – build a better world with geographical IT, says Anders Haraldsson, Product and Marketing Manager for Cartesia GIS AB.

Positive effects

Both Cartesia and Missing People Sweden have already seen positive effects; Cartesia from the market and its customers, Missing People Sweden among other from the voluntary users and their management teams.

About Cartesia

Cartesia, with its headquaters in Lycksele, is the Swedish market leader in Geographic IT. Cartesia is an IT company that focuses on providing specialist expertise, products and solutions in the areas of GIS, geographic data and positioning technologies.

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