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Racoon grows their business in Sikeå

november 10th, 2014

For many years, Racoon Miljöfilter has manufactured filters for air purification assembled mostly in vehicles and machines. Now, the company makes a major investment in a new niche. Their water treatment systems can generate up to 40 new jobs.

- Two years ago, we got a question if we could make filters that also purifies water, and since then we have done feasibility studies and development, says CEO Olle Sydlén.

Racoon Miljöfilter will manufacture filters and all peripherals, and handle the transportation and assembly. The operation is handled by the customer. The company will sell mobile plants to purify water. In these plants, dirty water will flow through a variety of filters and come out clean. There are many applications, for example mines for purification of wastewater.

Now the company prepares for production that will start with small models in March or April next year. After that there is a gradual increase until 2016, when the company estimates that the initiative is in full operation.

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