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Safer mines with interactive games

november 24th, 2014


The Umeå company Zordix will develop teaching materials for mine safety. Serious games and gamification thus meet the mining industry needs.

Zordix, an innovative Umeå based company focused on digital downloadable games, get grants from Vinnovas Forska&Väx (Research&Grow) in competition with 409 applications in the last round.

The investment will be used for Zordixs product and business development in the field of Serious Games.

Interactive learning environment for mining safety

The grant from Vinnova means that Zordix can develop a completely new product, an interactive learning environment for safety in mines created using gaming technology. The goal and the end result is a working prototype and a study of how it can be extended to a finished product for the market.

Matti Larsson, CEO of Zordix, commented the profit like this:

- We have for some time been working to design an intuitive and motivating safety training for the mining industry as we now can realize in a first prototype. The interest in security solutions in the industry is great. Interactive training is an exciting new direction in Serious Games as we can invest in and continue to expand within.

Interactive gaming technology a natural step

The project title ”Training Environment for mine safety – with research on learning and motivation” refers to a fundamental need in the mining industry. In parallel with existing training Zordix aims to strengthen the attitude work and increase the motivation of workers and entrepreneurs to absorb and apply safety rules.

- We can already see an exciting development with the visualization of safety in mines in the form of images and animated movies. Interactive digital applications using gaming technology is a natural next step, says Matti.

About Zordix
Zordix AB is a rapidly growing company specialized in digitally downloadable games and interactive learning materials for all the different platforms. Zordix has among other things previously developed the interactive teaching material entrepreneur game for scriptwriters at Umeå University and the firemen’s game Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. Zordix is headquartered in Umeå, Sweden.

About Serious Games
Serious Gaming is a relatively new branch in the development of interactive applications and some of the computer games industry in particular. The concept was added in 2003 and since then it has been an issue at stake conferences worldwide. Definition according to Wikipedia: A serious game, or applied game, is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment.

About Gamification
Gamification is an even newer concept from 2008 and was initially invented to increase the motivation of customers to sell different kinds of products. Definition according to Wikipedia: Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems and increase users self contributions.

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