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The tourism in Västerbotten increases again

november 11th, 2014

The hotels in Västerbotten had 16 204 more guest nights in September 2014 compared to the same month last year, an increase of 28 %.

In September 2014, guest nights in hostels increased with 2 624, equivalent to 44 %. The holiday villages increased with 988 more guest nights, representing a 15 % increase. The camping facilities decreased with 6 397 guest nights (-24%). To some extent, probably an effect of lags in reporting.

- In September, the overall increase in Västerbotten is 13 331 more guest nights in commercial accommodation, and it is the Swedish market that has grown significantly. The foreign market has grown a bit more modestly by 4.9 % compared to September 2013, says Annika Sandström, acting county tourism manager at VästerbottensTurism, Region Västerbotten.

The year as a whole

The increase in guest nights is stable for the year as a whole by 1.45 %, including the current measurement in September.

Sweden and neighboring provinces

September 2014 has been a strong month for the tourism industry in Sweden with an increase of 5 %. Our neighboring provinces Jämtland has increased by 2 % and Västernorrland by 21 %, while Norrbotten decreased by 7 %.

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