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Unique technology to detect glaucoma

november 6th, 2014


Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that can lead to blindness. To treat the disease, its important that its rapidly detected. The Umeå company BioResonator Good Eye AB has developed a unique and world leading technology in which a nurse at a health center easily can make an initial diagnosis. This allows more patients with glaucoma to be diagnosed and treated.

The ease of handling is a major advantage compared to the more complex methods currently in use. They require a lot of experience and knowledge to be implemented and often an experienced ophthalmologist in order to make a diagnosis.

- We have seen a lot of interest in the market among health care providers in many clinics and medical centers who require a fast, simple and reliable measuring method. The product is equally suited to a specialist clinic as to less frequent users at a health center far from a major hospital. One can after diagnosis and treatment easily also see significant savings for the health care providers when projecting monitoring and control of intraocular pressure in primary care without the involvement of a specialist, says Fredrik Jonsson, CEO, BioResonator Good Eye AB.

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