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1150 new jobs needed for the digital industry in Umeå

december 15th, 2014


A new survey commissioned by Umeå Municipality and Infotech Umeå show that there is a need for over 1000 new jobs to Umeå’s digital industry in the near future.

Umeå’s growing digital industry has confidence in the future and needs to hire, according to a new study carried out on behalf of Umeå Municipality and Infotech Umeå.

According to the survey, there is a need for 1150 jobs in Umeå’s ICT industry in the coming years. Above all, the need is for programmers and developers, but also sellers.

The survey, conducted among ICT companies (information and communications technology companies) in Umeå municipality in 2014, shows that the industry’s companies have a strong belief in the future.

The industry has grown by over 800 people and 80 new companies between 2006-2012. The companies that responded to the survey believe that the development will go twice as fast forward.

- The ICT industry is one of Umeå municipality’s fastest growing industries. I think that forward-thinking companies, courageous innovators and good infrastructure are behind the success, says Roland Carlsson, business development manager in Umeå.

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