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Martinsons has signed new big contract

december 15th, 2014


Martinsons has signed a five-year cooperation agreement to build condominiums with Folkhem Trä. The agreement may generate an order value of over 132 million USD for the Västerbotten wood processing company.

Folkhem Trä aims to build 4 000 apartments from wood in Stockholm until 2020. The scope of Martinsons contract is at least 350 condominiums, which makes the agreement the largest that the company has signed for construction of apartment buildings in wood.

Environmental sustainability

For Folkhem Trä, the choice of building with wood is both about taking responsibility for environmental sustainability and is also long-term business sound.

- Looking ahead, we see that the best option is to invest green, and there wood is the only climate-friendly option, says Arne Olsson, CEO of Folkhem Trä.

Five projects have already been identified in various locations in Stockholm. The design work will begin next year.

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