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The video games market is now a truly global playground!

SantoshWritten december 12th, 2014 by Santosh


The video games market is now a truly global playground. And, this was more than evident at the recent Game Connection 2014 that concluded in Paris. It was a veritable A to Z when it came to participating countries at the show.

Online connectivity and the amazing growth of hand-held devices such as smart phones and tablets mean that companies can now localize and launch games anywhere in the world. What is also interesting to note is that emerging markets will primarily drive future global growth – 14.9% of the population from China, India, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East account for 73.6% of all gaming revenues, according to a Trend Report 2013.

Video games industry – bigger than Hollywood!

For me, the most exciting and encouraging aspect of this growth is that it will impact the entire value chain of the games industry. It also means that the industry will generate new jobs in sectors that were hitherto not growing or were stagnant. Gartner estimates the video games industry to be US$ 93 billion industry – bigger than Hollywood!

Games, like film, TV, and literature before them, are commercialized art and products of our culture. They can be great or terrible, memorable or forgettable, and everything in between. Sweden however has for long had major success in developing and launching some of the most popular and best selling games in the world.

What is the take out for policy makers and gaming companies in the north of Sweden from all of this?

Leverage Sweden’s premier status in the world of gaming, the fact that Luleå Technical University in Skellefteå has specific programs for students wishing to get a qualification in this industry; and that companies in Västerbotten such as North Kingdom, Hello Future, Paradox, and Dohi all have proven successes in the games industry.

They should continue to:

A) Support companies in Västerbotten to grow further, and
B) Market Västerbotten as an attractive destination for games companies from around the world to establish a business presence and benefit from the infrastructure and talent available.

Initial activities have already commenced this process, and it is hoped that this will only grow and be hugely successful in a decade’s time.

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