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Three sawmills select Valutecs batch kilns

december 15th, 2014


Three sawmills around Sweden have recently decided to increase its drying capacity by investing in new batch kilns from Valutec. Rörvik Timber in Rörvik, Nydala Trävaru and Norra Timbers såg in Sävar have invested in three new batch kilns each.

In all cases, it is about enabling increased production capacity. Sävar increases from about 6 356 640 ft3 to approximately 7 416 080 ft3. Nydala Trävaru will increase from the current 3 178 320 ft3 to 4 237 760 ft3 and Rörvik increases the capacity of 1 059 440 ft3 to 5 297 200 ft3.

- We are making the conrete foundation now and will start up three new batch kilns early in March next year, when we plan to increase the production, says Rörvik president Lars-Johan Svensson.

Increased demand

Rörvik sees an increased demand in several markets, including North Africa where Egypt acted as a locomotive for a long time. The production consists mainly of wood pressure preservation industry for the North African market.

Not far away is the family owned Nydala Trävaru. They also see an increased growth in several markets and for them, Valutecs after care service and after offering was important.

Capacity around 353 146 ft3 annually

All batch kilns are built in stainless steel and has a capacity around 353 146 ft3 annually, depending on the application. In Sävar, the plant is designed for both pine, spruce, boards and planks.

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