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Vita Foods, Geneva

BjörnWritten maj 24th, 2013 by Björn

Vitafoods in Geneva is one of the major events in neutraceuticals and health ingredients. The trend is that justified health claims becomes more important and that they are backed up with clinical trials. It is also obvious that even if a good product is important, marketing is essential. It was a good trade show but with only a few good prospects.

Success for Northern Sweden Pavilion at LIGNA 2013

NinaWritten maj 24th, 2013 by Nina


I just attended LIGNA in Hannover, Germany together with my colleagues Olle and Karolina. LIGNA is one of the world´s largest tradeshows in the Sawmill and Woodworking industry with an area of 130,000 square meters. The tradeshow had just over 2,000 exhibitors from more than 50 countries. This year it is was more than 90,000 visitors and 40% from other countries than Germany.

I was very excited since it was the first time I arranged a Northern Sweden Pavilion at an international trade show. My work preparation had been since last summer. Most of the work was to recruit the companies and align their interest. The companies and organizations participating were Renholmen, DataPolarna, Cartesia, Alent Drying, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Luleå University of Technology, TräIN project and Västerbotten Investment Agency.

The companies and organizations showcased products and innovations together with spearhead research. It was fantastic that we could show that Northern Sweden is a region with large potential, great companies, leading in wood technology, wood research and full of new opportunities.

Except for exhibiting we also arranged a press tour and mini seminars. We had hoped for more participants at the mini seminars. The speaker that got the biggest audience was Professor Anders Grönlund from LTU. Those who listen told me afterwards that they really appreciated this type of seminars. The presence of Luleå University of Technology strengthens the image we wanted to create about the Nordic region. Besides that, we were very thrilled that journalists from Sweden, Norway, United States and Germany were visiting our pavilion. They made interviews, so hopefully we will soon see something published about us in the press.

The companies participated in LIGNA to look for new international collaboration and to meet new but also existing customers. I got positive response from all of our co-exhibitors and they were very satisfied with the week. Now when we are back in Sweden, we will have an evaluation meeting in beginning of June, to make a judgment if this activity created value. One of the co-exhibitor cannot attend the evaluation meeting, since they are visiting a potential customer in Germany, which they met at LIGNA. Yes, the fair is already showing positive effects!

Company of the month: SRK Consulting

karolinaWritten april 15th, 2013 by karolina

This month we would like to present  a company operating in the booming mining indystry in northern Sweden.

SRK Consulting

SRK Consulting is an independent global mining consultancy. Originally from South Africa, the company was founded in 1974 and now operates on six continents with more than 50 offices and 1600 members of the staff. The Skellefteå office, being the only office in the Nordics, was opened in 2009, after the management recognised the importance of the Nordic market. Even though this was in the middle of the financial crisis, Sweden was viewed as a stable destination and low risk initiative.

SRK Consulting specialise in all technical aspects of mining projects, with strengths in geology and resource estimation, mine design, process metallurgy and environmental and social aspects. SRK often act as the link between the mining industry and the finance community, either preparing feasibility studies or reviewing these on behalf of lenders. The office in Skellefteå has a growing team of international consultants covering the major mining disciplines, from for example Finland, South Africa, UK, Russia, and Papua New Guinea. Managing Director Johan Bradley notes that whilst the office focuses on the Nordics, to maintain a global perspective and ensure that industry best practices are brought back to the region, SRK will continue to cooperate with other SRK offices globally and work with overseas projects.

What makes Västerbotten and North Sweden a good place to run your company?

-“The fact that we are sitting pretty much in the centre of the Fennoscandian Shield. Operating from Skellefteå, Västerbotten means that we have a mining district on our doorstep and are close to the other mining areas in Sweden and Finland. Apart from that it is great to operate in a city where mining is very much part of the history and culture.”

What makes your company’s product/service unique?

-“I guess that SRK has a global profile, that we understand international reporting standards and that we cover all the key technical disciplines under one roof.”

What is the vision of your company? Where are you in five years’ time?

-“That we get to around 30 technical consultants in two or more offices in the region, that we’re recognised as experts in our field and that we continue to enjoy what we do.“

For more information, please contact SRK Consulting Skellefteå or visit their webpage:

Phone: :+46 70 3424 591
E-mail: jbradley@srk.se.com


Presenting Company of the Month: Floda 31

karolinaWritten februari 27th, 2013 by karolina

Every month from now on VIA will present an interesting company operating in Västerbotten! We are doing this to show a glimps of all the impressive companies that exists in our region. Companies from all sectors, sizes and age will be presented. First up is Floda 31!

Floda 31

Rich Holland and Marije de Haas were the funding members of a succesful all media company, Bullet Creative. After ten years of finding creative solutions to communicate customer’s messages they wanted a break from traditional commercial design and looked for quality of life. The result was northern Sweden and Floda 31. Rich and Marije took their extensive experience from design, art, architecture, typography, commercial and more, and left London and moved to North Sweden.  They started Floda 31, -a sustainable design research centre for creative people all over the world.

Floda 31′s intentions are to provide an environment that fosters new connections, networks and cross disciplinary encounters. Their laboratory for innovation and creativity is meant to encourage talented individuals from different disciplines to collaborate and share knowledge in order to redefine problems and create innovative solutions. Sustainability is a thoroughgoing focus of Floda 31, no matter if the customer is Nike or a small company. Rich and Marije believe that sustainability should be tackled by collaboration between disciplines, and that is one reason for the cross disciplinary approach of their business.

What makes Västerbotten and North Sweden a good place to run your company?

- The fact that you are connected but at the same time on the edge of wilderness. You are 45 min from everything! Another thing is that there is a vision among people in northern Sweden. They see the incredible potential that exists here. The scenery and beauty of it is yet another reason.

What makes your company’s product/service unique?

- Our service is unique because we offer the experience of a multidisciplinary background in a wilderness location, there are very few places like that around the world.

What is the vision of your company? Where are you in five years time?

- In five years time we would like to be fully running with all the facilities in order and workshops all set up. We also wish to keep Floda 31 sustainable -”doing different and working with what you´ve got”.

For more information, please contact Floda 31 and visit their webpage:

Phone: +46 90 695 7631

More Västerbotten restaurants make it into White Guide

ingerWritten februari 13th, 2013 by inger

I’m so pleased to see that more and more restaurants in Västerbotten are getting noted in White Guide as top restaurants worth a visit or two. All of us who live here are well aware of the amazing food products this region has to offer, but unfortunately gastronomy tourism hasn’t really taken off yet. Hopefully these new honorary acknowledgements will help to promote the gastronomy tourism in Västerbotten further and spur more and more restaurants to excel within their field.

White Guide is the complete restaurant guide for the top restaurants in Sweden and each year they revise which restaurants in the country who are in and who are not.

The restaurants that are mentioned in White Guide in Västerbotten are:


In White Guide Winter sport edition the restaurants at the Ski resorts are ranked and two more restaurants in Västerbotten are noted, Fleetwoods Matsal in Hemavan http://www.stromma.se/sv/Hemavan-tarnaby/Vinter/Mat–afterski/Hemavan2/Mat/Fleetwoods-matsal–Loungebaren/ and Virisen in Tärnaby. www.virisen.se

Business Sweden is the new national investment promoter

karolinaWritten januari 25th, 2013 by karolina

Business Sweden is the name of Sweden’s new investment promoter. The organisation is a merger between the Swedish Trade Council and Invest Sweden with the aim to ”take on any assignment related to exports and investment”.

According to Ulf Berg, the organisation’s chief executive officer, is the new brand the beginning of a common journey in the interest of Sweden.

“The aim is to make us an even more attractive, innovative and competitive partner to do business with, both at home and abroad.”, Ulf Berg says.

Business Sweden is jointly owned by the state and the business sector and essentially provides services required to establish a company and its products, services or ideas in new markets. It has offices in 60 countries and work closely with trade associations, embassies, consulates and chambers of commerce.

Business Sweden is the national partner to Västerbotten Investment Agency. We are wishing Business Sweden all the luck in their new organisation!

(Read more about Business Sweden on their new website: www.business-sweden.se)