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Sweden hosts one of the most competitive business communities in the world. In international comparisons, we stand out for our levels of innovation, scientific infrastructure and high education standards. Sweden also wins in terms of soft factors for competitiveness, such as quality of life, reliability, and transparency of public institutions. The Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) added together are the world’s 12th largest economy with a GDP of 1.603 billion USD 2012.


  • Official name: The Kingdom of Sweden
  • Political system: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Head of State: King Carl XVI Gustaf
  • Prime Minister: Mr Stefan Löfven (The Social Democrat Party)
  • Language: Swedish
  • Population: 9 694 194 (June 2014)
  • Area: 450,000 sq.km = 174 000 sq.mi.
  • Time zone: GMT +1 hour
  • Currency: 1 krona (SEK) = 100 öre
  • Largest cities: Stockholm (capital), Göteborg, Malmö
  • Noteworthy memberships: EU since 1995, WTO, OECD

Sweden is the largest market in Scandinavia and part of the European Union marketplace. For companies locating here, we offer an attractive combination of competitive costs for personnel, operations and facilities, easy available land, advanced technology, a skilled workforce and an R&D and business environment that welcomes new partners. An innovative business climate, demanding users and rapid technology adoption make Sweden ideally suited for development, testing and early commercialization of new products and services.

The advantages of doing business in Sweden, in brief:

  • One of the world’s most globalized and competitive nations
  • A long tradition of openness and free flows of trade, investment and people
  • Meeting-point for Scandinavia and Northern Europe
  • Diversified industry clusters with strong supply of skills and technologies
  • Globally recognized research institutes
  • Track record of innovation for global markets
  • The world’s second largest per capita investor in R&D
  • Focus on industry collaboration and technology transfer
  • Many natural resources, e.g. forests, minerals and renewable energy sources
  • Low corporate taxes
  • Low energy prices and a resilient energy infrastructure
  • Leading development of eco-friendly energy and sustainable technologies
  • Excellent communications infrastructure
  • Major network hub for Internet traffic
  • Among the world’s most advanced users of new technology (early adopters of new technology)
  • Among the quickest to adopt new applications and services, i.e. very short time to market
  • Magnificent, unexploited natural clean environment
  • Tax-financed healthcare, welfare and education
  • Low living costs

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