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How to do business in Sweden

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In brief

  • Straightforward system for business startups
  • Limited Liability Company – most used form
  • No Swedish partner needed to start a business

Setting up a business in Sweden is easy

Setting up a business in Sweden is a straightforward process. Procedures are simple and efficient, based on a transparent system that seeks to facilitate formation of new enterprises. The most commonly chosen legal form by foreign investors is the limited liability company.

Generally speaking, no operating licenses are required to conduct business in Sweden. There are exceptions for specific areas however. Business Sweden and Västerbotten Investment Agency can provide support and information throughout this process.

Investment Guides

Starting a business in Sweden – an introduction

Starting a limited liability company
Starting a branch
Setting up and registering as a self-employed person
Starting a franchise business
Mergers and acquisitions – process overview

Running a business in Sweden – an introduction

Corporate taxes in Sweden
Commercial leases and rents
Buying and building commercial and industrial property
Business costs and prices of key services
Employing staff – contracts and conditions
Social security and pensions
Tax relief for key foreign employees
Work and residence permits
Regional financial incentives

Useful information sources when setting up a business in Sweden

(Fact sheets (PDF) published by Business Sweden)