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The fastest broadband in Europe to be found in Västerbotten

The internet infrastructure in the region of Västerbotten is good. By the coast it is even better than good, the city of Umeå has been ranked for having the fastest broadband connection in the Western part of the world. Only cities in Japan and South Korea beats Umeås’ internet speed (State of The Internet Report, Akamai, 2012) In the central parts of both Umeå and Skellefteå residents and visitors have access to free wifi connection.

Overview of the access to broadband with a speed of 50Mbit/s or more in Northern Sweden

The map above does only show an average for entire municipalities, this is why Umeå for example does not distinguish it self. On a level for the whole of Sweden; 49% of households and companies had access to 100 Mbit/s connection (theoretical speed) in 2011.

(Source: PTS 2013)