Västerbotten Investment Agency

Industrial ports in Västerbotten


Shipping is important to the existing companies and those looking to invest in northern Sweden, particulary for the forest and mining industry (export and import of raw materials and products). In the Västerbotten province there are industrial seaports in Umeå, Skellefteå and Rundvik, together with smaller ports all along the coastline. The continuity of service is a major goal and year round accessibility is guaranteed by efficient ice breaking during the winter.

Umeå Hamn (The port of Umeå)

Umeå Hamn is a year-round port which is located at the north of Sweden’s fastest expanding part and is known for its high quality and a strong customer orientation with a high level of service.
The port is located strategically at the natural shortest route across the northern Gulf of Bothnia. Geography provides the port with a natural harbour sheltered by the unique conditions in the winter. Despite being located far north in the northern Gulf of Bothnias narrowest part with mostly northern winds the Umeå port as well as the other seaports along the coast are open all year round.

Technical information
10 pc berths total, length amounts to 856 m.
2 berths, length 150 meters, 11 meters water depth.
2 berths, 185 length, 11 meters water depth.
5 berths, length 305 feet, 8 meters water depth.
1 quay, length 66 meters, 7 meters water depth.

Three RORO modes: from 11m water depth and 30 meters
width of 7.5 meters water depth and 18 meters wide.

1 quay, 80 Meters length and a water depth of 11 metres
Ferry point
3 berths, total length of 475 meters and water depth 5,8-7,5 meters.
Warehouse & Storage space
Warehouse space on 100 000 m²
Storage space on 100 000 m²
Railway tracks
Railway tracks with the length of 7 000 meters

Quantity Lifting capacity Other
2 pcs 36 tonnes Mobile; Hook / bucket / timber
1 pc 7,5 tonnes Transportation ;  Hook / bucket / timber
1 pcs 7 tonnes Transportation ;  Hook
1 pc 40 tonnes Transportation ; Hook
1 ps 100 tonnes Mobile; Hook / container
2 pcs 10 tonnes Mobile ; Hook / bucket / timber

Skellefteå Hamn (The port of Skellefteå)

The port of Skellefteå (Skellefteå Hamn) is one of the gateways for sea transport in Norrland. The port is located in Skelleftehamn, adjacent to the industries of Rönnskär and Kuusakoski. It is also strategically located close to sawmills, mines and engineering companies and acts as an important link between Norrland’s industry and its assets: minerals, forests and energy. Many years of working with the region’s industries have given Skellefteå Hamn a solid base of experience in the transportation of goods.

The port has all the resources to serve as a gateway to the rest of the world. Skellefteå Hamn has excellent links with other transport systems including the national road and rail networks and air services. Another key advantage of Skellefteå for mixed consignments is its proximity to ports in northern Finland.

Technical information
13-15 m
Number of quays/length
5 / 1,345 m
Number of cranes/capacity
3 / 40 tonnes
RoRo facilities
Depth: 9,3 m, length 150 m
450 m length with 8.5 m depth.
Stevedoring services available
Each year 400 000 tonnes are handled by 12 full time employees.
One mobile crane with a capacity of 100 tonnes
Two smaller mobile cranes with a capacity of 15 tonnes
Extensive experience of handling large goods e.g. wind power turbines

Warehouse & storage
Kallholmsplan with 10 000 m total area available for outdoor storage.
Additional area for storage available in total 30 000-40 000 m

New quay is planned
Suggested location for new quay at the reserved land area, adjacent to industry buildings
Can be customized, but minimum length is 100-125 m
Depth 13-14 m
Railroad access at the site
Direct road access to major roads
Power supply through 2 x 120 kV line