Västerbotten Investment Agency

Incentives for companies investing in Västerbotten


For companies setting up or expanding their business in Sweden it is possible to apply for financial incentives from the Swedish government. This support is primarily regional in nature and comprises regional investment grants, employment support and a special social insurance-related tax break. There are also possibilities to apply for transport aid, for  inbound transport as well as outbound.

Activities eligible for investment grants

Subsidies are available to companies for the following activities only:
• Industry and industry-like operations
• Industrial service operations
• Service operations aimed at more than a purely local or regional market
• Tourism
• Construction of buildings to let
• Other activities of special importance to regional business development

The maximum size of a regional investment grant is defined as a percentage of the total investment cost. There are three determining factors: type of investment, type of company, and the regional development area in which the company operates. Each application is individually assessed. Factors taken into account include employment, economic growth, and overall importance to regional development. The Västerbotten region enables both sizes of grants, depending on the location, the coastal areas render lower percentage of grants whereas the inland render the bigger size of the grants. In parts of regional development area B, the coastal area, some grants are only available in connection with a major investment.

These areas are: 
- Vännäs and Umeå municipalities, as well as the Umeå metropolitan area, which is generally not considered as being regional development areas.

For more detailed information about financial incentives and transport aid please read:

Fact sheet about regional financial incentives (PDF)
Fact sheet about regional transport aid (PDF)
Investment grants in Västerbotten by the County Administrative Board (Word)

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