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University studies at study centers

Akademi Norr is a cross border cooperation among 12 municipalities from four provinces. The Municipalities of Arjeplog, Arvidsjaur, Dorotea, Kramfors, Lycksele, Malå, Sollefteå, Sorsele, Storuman, Strömsund, Vilhelmina and Åsele are members of Akademi Norr and the ambition is to meet the need for higher education in the rural areas. Each member municipality has a learning centre, connected to Akademi Norr.

Akademi Norr in main points:

Coordination between the range of higher educations and the local requirements.
Increase of competence among individuals, groups and communities.
Changing attitudes to higher education.
Demonstration of the spreading and availability of higher education.
Regional unity on ventures in innovative educational programs.
A power centre, challenging regional and national competence development operators.
An IT infrastructure at the front edge of technological development.

A network of functioning learning centres.
An organization, distinguished by flexibility and openness.
Acquisition of resources yielding sustainable educational ventures.*

*) Text Akademi Norr webpage