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The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


SLU develops knowledge about biological natural resources – everything that lives and grows. At SLU focus is on the opportunities, and possible risks incurred, when using forests, landscapes, soils and animals in different ways.

Strength and profile areas
Animal and human health
Climate and ecosystem change
Genetic resources and biotechnology
Quality in the food chain
Sustainable production and natural resources
Urban and rural development

SLU’s research is well positioned from an international perspective within a number of research areas. There are also research areas which are the only in its kind in Sweden, and which have a particularly strong potential for future development. SLU’s knowledge is an important component in many things that people take for granted.

SLU works with everything that grows, whether it is plants that provide us with food, give us income, or are just there to be beautiful. The knowledge is essential to enable us to utilize our forests, our landscapes, our soil and our animals in a sustainable way. This sustainable use will allow us to develop, and will also guarantee a good quality of life for our children and grandchildren.