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The Municipality of Åsele – a lot of all that’s good

Åsele forms a strategic hub in the woodlands of Västerbotten. Here, several major roadways from various directions meet. Consequently, transportation is good; it is easy to reach Åsele from the coastal towns and all of the major towns of inland Västerbotten. Residents live securely here and enjoy a wide range of nature experiences and activities. There are deep forests to walk through or hunt in, as well as streams, rivers and lakes for swimming and fishing. The annual Åsele market is large and well-known, and we are one of the most association-rich municipalities in Sweden. Åsele is home to many small businesses with a conscientious, loyal and dedicated workforce. The municipality works for a business-friendly climate that provides inspiration and encouragement to entrepreneurs and business founders. For those who want to invest in the wood sector, there is even an industrial facility of 10,000 sq. m. with a large contingent of carpentry machines left. Åsele also offers nice, large office spaces.

Municipality facts

Land area

4276,9 km2


2 875

Main town Åsele
Villages Gafsele, Fredrika e.g.
College/University level 

38,5 %

Number of workplaces (2013)


Airport Nearest airport in Vilhelmina
Roads & highways Route 92 in east/west direction and direct routes to Lycksele
Seaport No
Railroad No
Broadband & IT Well functioning within the municipality
Power and water supply Well functioning


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