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The Municipality of Bjurholm – less is more

As Sweden’s smallest municipality, Bjurholm has little bureaucracy with short decision-making routes and politicians and officials are readily accessible. Bjurholm has long held the position of Norrland’s most business-friendly municipality and is also among the foremost municipalities in the country in terms of equality of the sexes in entrepreneurship.

The business community represents a broad spectrum from small manufacturing companies to medium-sized high-tech industries. The municipality’s high-profile companies are concentrated around agriculture and forestry as well as the food, engineering and plastic industries. There are good opportunities of establishing and developing businesses here! The municipality actively pursues development and has a very positive climate of cooperation between the municipality and business. In Bjurholm, nature is close at hand, as is a well-developed level of community service and a warm hometown climate. There are many advantages here in the form of quality of life, leisure activities, time left over for the family and a low cost of living.

Municipality facts

Land area

1 307 km2


2 436

Main town Bjurholm
Number of workplaces (2013)


Airport Closest airports in Umeå and Lycksele, 60 km distance
Roads & highways Route 92 and 353 run through Bjurholm
Seaport No, closest port is 60 km away
Railroad No, closest railroad is 30 km away
Broadband & IT Well functioning within the municipality
Power and water supply Well functioning



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