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The Municipality of Dorotea – Lappland’s southern gateway

The Municipality of Dorotea is the southern-most of the inland municipalities in Västerbotten County and the gateway to Lappland. Dorotea is characterised by a great entrepreneurial spirit and harmony between politics and business. The municipality was the first in Sweden to have its own wind power plant to supply municipal electricity. Dorotea is highly ranked among the best municipalities to live in thanks to a quiet living environment with one of the lowest costs of living in Sweden, a well-functioning school system, municipal care and other services as well as many opportunities for sports and cultural life. Dorotea’s many nature reserves with expansive marshes, mountainous forests and mountain areas above the tree line offer a rich environment for adventures in Mother Nature.

Municipality facts

Land area

2 795 km2


2 757

Main town Dorotea
Villages Borgafjällen, Rissjön e.g.
College/University level 

25 %

Number of workplaces (2013)


Airport Nearest airport in Vilhelmina
Roads & highways The E45 goes north-south and rout 92 in east-west direction.
Seaport No, closest seaport is in Mo i Rana, Norway
Railroad The inland railway
Broadband & IT Well functioning within the municipality
Power and water supply
Well functioning, the municipality also has its’ own wind park.



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