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The Municipality of Malå – where everything is close at hand

At the centre of the most promising ore provinces of Europe, in the midst of the beautiful nature of inland Norrland and at the heart of Sámpi (Lappland) lies Malå. Here, everything is nearby. Malå offers a broad range of association and club activities, a strong public sector and a vibrant business community. Initiatives and activities abound from individuals, associations, churches and businesses. The municipality has a long tradition of entrepreneurship associated with forestry, timber, forestry mechanics and mining operations, which has given rise to companies with products in global demand. The mining industry, which has supported the region for centuries, is being refined and modernised in Malå. Malå is home to the mineral information office of the Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU) with the largest collection of core samples in the world, leading companies in geophysics, foreign prospecting and diamond drilling companies, a mining museum and unique research and development projects. Exciting meetings always take place in Malå. Welcome to a simple, but content-rich life where you can see the greatness in the details.

Municipality facts

Land area

1 608,7  km2


3 155

Main town Malå
Villages Adak, Rentjärn, Aspliden e.g.
College/University level 

22,5 %

Number of workplaces (2013)


Airport Nearest airport in Lycksele and Arvidsjaur
Roads & highways Route 370 and other smaller roads
Seaport No
Railroad Yes, railway station in Bastuträsk
Broadband & IT Well functioning
Power and water supply Well functioning



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