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The Municipality of Norsjö – the heart of Västerbotten’s woodlands

The Municipality of Norsjö offers a peaceful existence with all the advantages of a small town, not far from what the city has to offer. Here in the heart of Västerbotten’s woodlands, options abound in terms of housing, culture, leisure activities and exciting destinations to visit. Norjö is rich in nature with expansive forests and an extensive lake system. Today, a large part of the population is employed in industry. Lumber companies form the base of the well-differentiated industry. Since Norsjö is located at the heart of the mineral-rich Skellefteå field, mining also makes a significant contribution. The Municipality of Norsjö strives to encourage relocation to the area and welcomes new companies!

Municipality facts

Land area

1 751 km2


7 006

Main town Norsjö
College/University level 

30,8 %

Number of workplaces (2013)


Airport Airports in Lycksele, Skellefteå, Arvidsjaur, Umeå, Luleå
Roads & highways No major highways into the chief town, the closest are highway 365 going to Lycksele and 370 to Skellefteå
Seaport No
Railroad Yes, the train station in Bastuträsk, 30 km from Norsjö.
Broadband & IT Very well functioning within the municipality, either via fiber or ADSL.
Power and water supply Well functioning.



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