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The Municipality of Robertsfors – a vibrant rural community

Right in between two larger cities, Robertsfors offers a calm, secure environment with a great deal of space. The beautiful surroundings, the ocean, the river and all of the lakes provide a wide range of experiences and opportunities. Being close to people, decision-makers, schools, businesses and work also offers a good deal of extra time to enjoy. In Robertsfors, old traditions and modern working life go hand in hand. The mill tradition from the 18th century laid the foundation of what today is a strong engineering centre with a world-leading high-tech industry and expertise. At the same time, Robertsfors is an old agricultural community where an unusually high proportion of farmers still keep the beautiful landscape open. Robertsfors offers free municipal land for permanent residence as well as grants to buy private land. The municipality works for sustainable development, which can be seen in the Må-Bra-Byn (Feel-Good-Village) in Sikeå where we give away plots and connections to water mains in exchange for you building ecological, permanent housing.

Municipality facts

Land area

1301,8 km2


6 738

Main town Robertsfors
Villages Sikeå, Bygdeå
College/University level 

26,9 %

Number of workplaces (2013)

1 390

Airport In Umeå and Skellefteå
Roads & highways The E4 runs through the municipality and several other roads of equal quality in east-west direction.
Seaport A smaller harbour for private boats in Sikeå
Railroad No
Broadband & IT Over 96 % of the residents have access to broadband
Power and water supply Well functioning



Robertsfors Umeå Nordmaling Vännäs Vindeln Bjurholm Åsele Lycksele Dorotea Vilhelmina Storuman Sorsele Malå norsjo Skellefteå