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The Municipality of Skellefteå – Make room for ideas.

Skellefteå is the largest coastal municipality in Sweden. It’s also an extraordinarily good place to develop new ideas, realise your dreams and go your own way.

With glorious changing seasons, rich natural resources, short distances and a deeply rooted culture of creativity, entrepreneurship and equality, we create the time and space to grow through the most important resource of all: ideas – our own and each other’s.

The city of Skellefteå is a city characterised by contrasts. On one hand, there are all the events and activities of metropolitan life. On the other, there are small, cosy villages, untouched wilderness and long, sandy beaches. Here, basic industries in the timber and mining sector thrive and there is a successful manufacturing industry, but also a growing throng of companies in IT, the Internet and communication.

The municipality owns one of the country’s largest power utilities, providing strong municipal finances and low energy prices. Skellefteå also has a well-functioning infrastructure and Sweden’s most well-developed broadband network. As the second largest city in Västerbotten, Skellefteå offers a campus with two universities and world-leading research, primarily in wood technology, a business-friendly climate with a high level of expertise, a good living environment and a wide range of retailing, entertainment, culture and sports activities.

Municipality facts

Land area

7 217 km2


71 770

Main city Skellefteå
Burträsk, Byske, Jörn, Boliden, Bureå, Skelleftehamn, Kåge
College/University level 


Number of workplaces (2013)

10 728

Airport Yes, Skellefteå Airport
Roads & highways The E4 runs through the municipality and several other roads of equal quality in east-west direction.
Seaport Yes, a large deep seaport in Skelleftehamn
Railroad Yes, the trainstation is in Jörn and Bastuträsk. Freight traffic from the Boliden mines to the port.
Broadband & IT Very well functioning within the municipality
Power and water supply Well functioning, with one of the largest energy companies in Sweden, Skellefteå Kraft.


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