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The Municipality of Sorsele – open for new ideas

Sorsele, a small municipality with great potential, is located in the mountains of Västerbotten. The business community is small scale, but diverse and is home to everything from prospecting to high technology. The proportion of young and, especially, women entrepreneurs is relatively high. The ongoing establishment of the automotive testing and the mining industries has inspired a belief in the future and provided positive effects in other industries. A well-developed broadband fibre network means that new markets and networks are being developed and that more service-providing companies can be run remotely. Sorsele is a modern, ecologically oriented municipality with good housing, some of the country’s best schools, a rich cultural life and endless recreational possibilities. The municipality supports business operators who want to establish or development their businesses. The decision-making pathways are short, whether it concerns commercial premises, industrial land, education or various types of cooperative ventures.

Municipality facts

Land area

7 493 km2


2 595

Main town Sorsele
Villages Ammarnäs, Gargnäs e.g.
College/University level 

24,1 %

Number of workplaces (2013)


Airport Nearest airport in Storuman or Arvidsjaur
Roads & highways E45 and route 363
Seaport No
Railroad The Inland railway goes through Sorsele
Broadband & IT Well functioning
Power and water supply Well functioning


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