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The Municipality of Storuman – the hub of inland growth

Storuman is a unique mountain municipality with many visitors and a multitude of various skilled entrepreneurs. The skiing areas of Hemavan and Tärnaby with their nature experiences, both winter and summer, form an important tourist centre with associated service providers, but Storuman is also a hub for wind power, the mining industry and the clean-tech industry. Norway and the free port of Mo i Rana are nearby, and there is a large supply of bio-resources from the forest. In Storuman, the population is handy and wants to show what they can do. This has generated a strong entrepreneurial spirit with many driven small business operators and a municipality that works to make it easy to start and run companies. Together with its neighbouring municipality Sorsele, Storuman is laying the foundation for the expansion of wind power. The business community also participates in the Arena 45 corporate network, in which investors can find production capacity, expertise, contract work and business partners. With the strong expansion opportunities available in the fields of mining, forestry and energy, Storuman plans to grow!

Municipality facts

Land area

7 500 km2


5 954

Main town Storuman
Villages Tärnaby, Hemavan
College/University level

36,4 %

Number of workplaces (2013)

1 433

Airport Yes, both in Storuman and Hemavan-Tärnaby
Roads & highways The E45 and E12
Seaport No
Railroad The inland railway
Broadband & IT Well functioning within the municipality
Power and water supply Well functioning


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