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European Capital of Culture 2014

Västerbotten’s largest city is growing! Since the 1970s, Umeå has had an annual growth rate of around 1,000 people/year. Umeå, located one hour’s flying time north of Stockholm, is one of Sweden’s youngest cities with an average age of 38. Umeå is home to Sweden’s third largest university, Umeå University, with around 37 000 students, as well as the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

Enterprise is differentiated and innovative with high-tech IT companies and research-based bio and environmental technology industries. Umeå also has a world-leading engineering industry and a forest machine cluster. It is a natural transport and logistics hub for the whole of northern Scandinavia. A rich and innovative cultural life has led to Umeå being named the European Capital of Culture 2014. Umeå is characterised by a high level of education, readily available research and expertise, a young population with a large influx of people, strong growth, considerable social commitment and an open and inquisitive climate.

Municipality facts

Land area

2 317  km2


119 000

Main city Umeå
Suburbs/villages Holmsund, Obbola, Sävar, Hörnefors
Universities University of Umeå, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.
Approx. 37 000 university students
College/University level  40,7%
Number of workplaces (2013)

14 107

Infrastucture Excellent. The logistic hub of northern Scandinavia
Airport Yes, 6 min travel from city center
Roads & highways E4 and E12
Seaport Yes
Railroad Yes, the Botnia railway and the main railway
Broadband & IT Well functioning, broadband access is one of the world’s best
Power and water supply Well functioning


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