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The Municipality of Vännas – welcoming, vibrant and innovative

In the middle of the Umeå region, right where two rivers meet, lies Vännas. Here, there is such a strong cooperation between the public, private and non-profit sectors that Vännas was recently appointed the Västerbotten Entrepreneurial Municipality of the Year. Logistics/transports comprise a major business sector, as do agriculture, the wood industry and the horse industry. Vännas has national upper-secondary programmes for snowboarding, animal husbandry, riding, volleyball and hockey, among others. The unique watchmaker’s programme forms the basis of precision mechanics that is also attractive to medical technology. Being close to experiences, good transportation, many available workshop premises, price-worthy housing and high-quality municipal services are a few more factors that speak for Vännas.

Municipality facts

Land area

533,2 km2


8 583

Main town Vännäs
Villages Vännäsby
College/University level 

40,7 %

Number of workplaces (2013)

1 280

Infrastucture Vännäsby is a travel center and the node for train and bus travels.
Airport In Umeå
Roads & highways
The E12runs through the municipality and several other roads of high quality in east-west direction.
Seaport No
Railroad Excellent railway communications, freight carrier between Luleå-Gothenburg.
Broadband & IT Well functioning
Power and water supply Well functioning


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