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The Municipality of Vilhelmina – wild and beautiful

With the mountains around the corner, the Municipality of Vilhelmina attracts people and businesses with a good amount of living space and municipal service that functions throughout the municipality. Here, it is inexpensive to both live and work. The municipality works to create a positive trend of commercial renewal and greater networking. The business community participates in the cooperation programme “Boundless business climate” through the Lycksele Chamber of Commerce and in the corporate network Arena 45, where investors can find production capacity, expertise, contract work and business partners. In Vilhelmina, it is easy to live a good family life. The classes in schools and preschools are small and events such as the Wilhelmina Winter Weekend, the Inland Trade Fair and the autumn market add touch of something special to the calm, beautiful atmosphere.

Municipality facts

Land area

8 120,2 km2


6 887

Main town Vilhelmina
Villages Kittelfjäll, Saxnäs
College/University level 

26,1 %

Number of workplaces (2013)

1 438

Airport Yes, Sagadal Airport
Roads & highways The E45 runs through the municipality and several other roads of equal quality in east-west direction. Sagavägen connects the Swedish east coast and the Norwegian west coast. The popular ”Vildmarksvägen” goes through the heart of southern Lapland, which is the wildest region in Sweden.
Seaport No
Railroad The Inland railway goes through Vilhelmina
Broadband & IT Well functioning
Power and water supply Well functioning


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