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The Municipality of Vindeln – the pearl of Västerbotten

The untouched, rapids-filled national river Vindelälven has given Vindeln its name, a municipality characterised by a great entrepreneurial spirit. More than one out of 12 residents are active entrepreneurs and small business is dominant, but Vindeln also has the world’s most dense leading forest machine cluster. The municipality actively works on providing support with contacting authorities, adapted business premises, recruitment, financiers and transport solutions for companies that want to establish or develop their business here. The municipality also has all the service you need, as well as beautiful nature, classic sights and a multitude of experiences. Here, we generate sustainable growth combined with a creative, healthy and secure living environment.

Municipality facts

Land area

8 120,2 km2


5 344

Main town Vindeln
Villages Hällnäs, Granö, Åmsele e.g.
College/University level 

30,3 %

Number of workplaces (2013)

1 264

Airport Closest airport in Umeå
Roads & highways Route 363 connects Umeå and Sorsele via Vindeln
Seaport Closest in Umeå
Railroad Yes
Broadband & IT Well functioning
Power and water supply Well functioning



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