Västerbotten Investment Agency

In brief about Climate testing and training in Västerbotten

  • Winter temperatures are influenced more by Russian cold than by the Gulf Stream that moves along Norway’s coast in the west. Stable winter weather is guaranteed in the regions proximity to the Arctic (the Polar Circle runs through Northern Sweden). There are low fluctuations in temperature, snow between October to May in some areas and 1800 hours of sun during the summer months.
  • The region has well-developed infrastructure with seven airports, deep sea ports, railroad communications, trucking service and an excellent road network even in the inland.
  • There is more than 30 years experience of cold climate vehicle testing in the region.
  • All European OEM’s plus several from Asia, choose Northern Sweden for their winter testing. Giants like BMW, Bridgestone, Continental, Bosch, General Motors, Fiat and Porsche are all active in the area.
  • There is low density of population, the population density in the inland municipality Storuman is for example 0,82 people/square kilometer.
  • Access to 1560 km2 restricted airspace, ground to five thousand feet for risk elimination within aircraft.
  • Advanced plans of an international train testing facility along a 75 km long cross-country track.

Presentations & read more

Storuman Airport Test Site (PDF)
Rail Test Nordic (PDF)
Cilmate testing Vehicle (PDF)
Read a publication of ”Trains for tomorrow’s travellers” by the research, development and demonstration program Green Train PDF (Source: Green Train)