Västerbotten Investment Agency

In brief about the Creative Industries in Västerbotten

  • Sweden was ranked in top in the Global Creativity Index (2014), by Martin Prosperity Institute.
  • North Sweden and Västerbotten in particular, is somewhat of a creative hub with several creative clusters. The Lodge is a tight network of 15 highly specialised companies in Skellefteå within the internet, film and games industries. Umeå Creative is the industry association for companies working within the creative industry in Umeå.
  • The companies in the region are micro- multinationals, and work with clients all over the world.
  • Västerbotten holds 7 game developing companies, and has a population of 260.000 people.
  • Creative Summit is arranged in Skellefteå every year. The event gathers talented and creative people from the region and brings in icons from all around the world.
  •  Umeå University hosts several eminent creative departments, Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and Umeå Institute of Design. Umeå Institute of Design alone has students from over 30 different countries.
  • The average age in Umeå is very low (38,2 years) and the city is one of the fastest growing regions  in Sweden.