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Be part of the creative wonder in Västerbotten

Creative Industries in Västerbotten

Creativity is one of Västerbotten’s main characteristics. In fact, it’s a Mecca for companies seeking to establish businesses within the broad field of digital production, design, game development, communications and much more.

It all comes down to a unique combination of the creativity and inventiveness of the people in the region. Based on these two elements, companies based in the region have built a creative cluster that is celebrated worldwide.

Working in Västerbotten really means working globally. Most of the companies in the region work with international clients from their bases here. This gives individuals and companies the opportunity to combine a high working pace with a peaceful yet active leisure time.

The open business climate of the creative industry in the region allows for flourishing partnerships with other companies within similar fields and in traditional industries. The internationally renowned universities provide the companies with young, highly-educated, creative and inspired individuals.

5 reasons to invest in Creative Industries in Västerbotten:

  • A leading hotspot for creativity in Sweden.
  • An opportunity to become a part of the globally-renowned cluster in the creative business.
  • An open and inspiring business climate.
  • Many young and talented people move here to study and often choose to stay following graduation.
  • Universities with prestigious courses make it easy to find a highly qualified work force.