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Game development in Sweden

The Swedish game industry is growing rapidly both nationally and internationally. Between the years 2011-2013 the total turnover from the industry has increased more than fivefold. The continuous growth can be explained by an ever greater number of users. Today there is a game in the pocket of almost everybody, games for mobilphones and social media have made gaming a favorite pastime. It is in this market that the swedish gaming companies have taking a hold position and this explains the almost unbelievable success of these companies.

Only two year after the industry doubled it sales, it’s now growing (2014) at a rate of about 80% annually. This results in sales of 6.55 billion SEK and the best year ever for swedish games exports.

The gaming industry in Sweden has in just one year created more than 550 new full time jobs and 25 new companies. Employment grew 29% and in 2013 reached 2534 full time employments opportunities.

In a compilation made by the research company SuperData Research, two of the best money makers in 2013 for App Store where both developt in Sweden. The best money generator was the free game Candy Crush Saga from King, and the best money generator among premium games was the pocket version of Minecraft created by Mojang. Mojang was sold to Microsoft in September 2014 for the sum of 18 billion SEK.

2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
Number of companies 170 (+17%) 145 (+24%) 117 (+10%) 106 (+5%) 101 (-3%)
Turnover 6546msek (+76%) 3715msek (+60%) 2317msek (+96%) 1181msek (+22%) 967msek (-17%)
Turnover. per employee 2583tsek (+37%) 1888tsek (+23%) 1532tsek (+56%) 982tsek (+12%) 877tsek (+3%)
Result 2483msek (+635%) 338msek (+164%) 128msek (+747%) 15msek (-59%) 37msek (+120%)
Number of employees 2534 (+29%) 1967 (+30%) 1512 (+26%) 1203 (+9,2%) 1102 (-19%)

(Facts from Swedish Games Industry, Gamers Index 2014)