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GIS Sweden

One of the strongest industrial Geographical Information Systems clusters in Europe and Sweden is found in the middle of Västerbotten. The cluster is based in the city of Lycksele. It consists of 25 member companies, 50 % of which are core GIS-companies, all working to develop systems designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of geographically referenced data.

(The high level of cooperation between companies in the region makes it easy for new companies to find partners, clients and suppliers. Traditional industries, as well as the creative industry, have become more and more interested in GIS solutions, providing many opportunities to initiate different kinds of fruitful collaborations.)

Education, research and collaboration

There are several reasons why the future of GIS lies in the northern parts of Sweden. A high level of cooperation between companies in the region makes it easy for new companies to find partners, suppliers and clients. Both traditional and creative industries are highly interested in GIS-solutions, explaining the vast number of opportunities to initiate different kinds of fruitful collaborations.

Thanks to the nearby universities, Luleå University of Technology and Umeå University, it’s easy for companies in the region to recruit highly qualified people who are more than willing to share their knowledge and passion. LTU is one of three universities in Sweden offering courses and programmes leading to a Masters degree in GIS.

There is a national and international consensus regarding GIS and its potential for improving and simplifying the decision-making process in both the public and private sectors. It is also a useful tool when it comes to building bridges of GIS data between different sectors and companies. There is a large potential market for companies with mining and forestry applications.

IGIS – welcoming participation

For almost three decades, the city of Lycksele has been working continuously to build a strong GIS centre. This has resulted in a network called IGIS, Innovative Geographic Information Systems. Here, industry, academia and society work together to improve technology, organize local GIS courses at college level and collaborate in company start-ups. The cluster companies have ongoing cooperation with nationally and internationally known providers of GIS products such as Pitney Bowes Business Insight (MapInfo), ESRI, SuperMap, Lantmäteriet (the Swedish Land Survey Agency) Microsoft Bing, and Google.

Cartesia, with its headquarters in Lycksele, is the driver of the cluster. They provide specialist expertise products and solutions in geographic data and positioning solutions within GIS, mobile, forestry, web services & map data and GPS Products. Today more and more companies within all sectors are realizing the unlimited usefulness of GIS. Together with the other members of the cluster, Cartesia works to push that limit further and further. You are welcome to join in the work.

Live locally work globally

A highly developed infrastructure and outstanding communications between Västerbotten and the world makes it easy to work globally, while at the same time enjoying the atmosphere of Västerbotten – a place where both companies and individuals can enjoy active and stimulating yet peaceful and relaxing leisure time.

5 reasons to invest in GIS in Västerbotten:

  • One of Europe’s most important GIS clusters is based in Västerbotten.
  • It’s easy for new companies to find partners, clients and suppliers.
  • The great need for niche applications such as within mining and forestry.
  • A high level of collaboration between companies and sectors.
  • Luleå University of Technology is at the forefront of GIS research and education.