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In brief about Life Science in Västerbotten


  • With over 3000 people employed in Life Science companies and academia, Umeå has a critical mass of expertise, research, innovation, entrepreneurs and venture capital that benefits everyone.
  • Umeå is home to two universities and a university hospital, with a total of 36 700 students and 2000 researchers.
  • In just the last three years, the number of Life Science companies in Umeå has increased by 100 percent.
  • Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) is one of the leading centers for forest biotechnology in the world and there are about 170 persons from 37 different countries working at UPSC.
  • In the region, there are also unique possibilities for processing wild berries for probiotics/nutraceuticals purposes. The forests here yield 375 000 tonnes of wild berries every year, most of which are yet to be picked and processed.


Download our presentations about Life Science in Västerbotten

Anti-infective research in Umeå  (PDF)

Forest Biotechnology in Umeå (PDF)

Wild berries in North Sweden (PDF)