Västerbotten Investment Agency

World-class expertise in antibiotics and plant science

Life Science in Sweden

Welcome to a life science cluster combining prominent research, education and commercialization in biotech. Here, advanced R&D is carried out by a number of important life science centers and laboratories, where scientists cooperate across departments and faculties. High-tech companies turn research results into new pharmaceuticals, vaccines, probiotics/nutraceuticals as well as medical technology products.

The biotech programs at Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Science open up endless possibilities for gaining skills and specializing in biomedicine, molecular biology, genomics, forest genetics and plant physiology.

World leading in microbial pathogenesis

Västerbotten is known for our interdisciplinary R&D making us world leading in the area of microbial pathogenesis, with an especially high quality research in antibiotic resistance. The MIMS laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine at Umeå University is the Swedish EMBL node dedicated to the growing field of life sciences that investigates the molecular basis of disease and explores molecularly and genetically based treatments.

Within Biotech Umeå, local authorities, the university, business incubators and some seventy biotech companies cooperate to facilitate practical commercialization of the area’s first-rate biotech research.

BioTech Umeå includes innovative companies like QureTech, which develops first line drugs based on groundbreaking research to combat antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases using virulence blockers and Tanomed, that has developed a medical device that prevents and relieves common cold. Two other companies from the region, Adenovir and Umecrine Mood now have products in clinical trial phase II.

With the ability to undertake clinical trials phase I, IIa and V, an educated workforce and a well-functioning tech transfer office with incubator labs, Västerbotten is welcoming new biotech companies to the region!

Plant science in world-class

Umeå Plant Science Center (UPSC), a centre of experimental plant biology, is the world leader in forest biotechnology and attracts hundreds of international scientists. Companies like SweTreeTechnologies provide technologies for improved productivity and performance properties of trees and wood fibers, creating new business opportunities for forestry, paper- and pulp industries as well as packaging and textiles.

Forest biotechnology is an emerging market, and Västerbotten offers an educated workforce and unique access to academic research through tech transfer establishment, as well as many forest research sites and strong links to the processed wood industry.

Wild berries ripe for picking

In the region, there are also unique possibilities for processing wild berries for probiotics/nutraceuticals purposes. The forests here yield 375 000 tonnes of wild berries every year, most of which are yet to be picked and processed! Thanks to the midnight sun during the summer, Northern Swedish berries, and bilberries in particular, have much higher levels of the antioxidant antocyanines than berries from more southerly areas.

5 reasons to invest in Life Science in Västerbotten:

  • High quality research in microbial pathogenesis
  • World leader in forest and plant biotechnology
  • Progressive tech-transfer offices for both academic and clinical research
  • Well functioning collaboration between academia, hospital and industry
  • Unique possibilities for processing wild berries for probiotics/nutraceuticals purposes