Västerbotten Investment Agency

A strong industrial cluster with qualified partners

The manufacturing industry in Västerbotten is a wide-ranging network of innovative and flexible companies with a joint capacity for, and experience of, extensive supply contracts.

Based on the region’s long traditions and strong clusters in forestry, mining and pulp and paper, several major manufacturing companies have evolved and reached a global market. Among the subcontractors, there are a large number of small and medium size engineering companies characterized by advanced technologies and successful collaborations. Thanks to a low staff turnover, many of the companies have been able to build unparalleled levels of competency over a long period of time.

With a strong industrial culture and a strategic position as a gateway to Northern Europe and the Baltics, Västerbotten is a perfect place to start new manufacturing processes or find qualified partners, even for large-scale projects. Suppliers and subcontractors cooperate with a mutual interest in developing the region, and are prepared to make the investments and modifications necessary to take on new types of products. The opportunities to recruit staff locally are excellent thanks to the many courses available at secondary school and university levels developed in close cooperation with the local trade and industry sector. The region also has a well-developed infrastructure adapted to the needs of heavy industry, including railway, deep-water ports and excellent roads.

5 reasons to invest in Manufacturing in Västerbotten:

  • The combination of low costs and high productivity ensures competitive manufacturing
  • Excellent communications and infrastructure suited for freight and travel
  • Good collaboration between original design manufacturers and contract manufacturers
  • Innovative and flexible companies with experience of supplying large companies and a readiness to invest
  • Highly qualified staff thanks to a low turnover and cooperation between educational institutes and industry